Stable Diffusion Prompts


Adjective + Noun + Verb + Style Details

Subject/Action and or Location/Artist or Art Styles and or Keywords

In order of most important to least important

Stable Diffusion is an AI model that generates images from text input. Let’s say if you want to generate images of a gingerbread house, you use a prompt like:

gingerbread house, diorama, in focus, white background, toast , crunch cereal

The AI model would generate images that match the prompt.  One of the secrets of writing effective prompts for stable diffusion is in the ability to provide as much detail as possible about what we want to create without confusing the machine. It is really all about the balance of detail, structure, and power keywords. 

Examples on type Images that can be generated;

Anime style




Artistic styles

Anatomy of a good prompt

There are proven techniques to generate high quality, specific images. Your prompt should cover most if not all of these areas;

Subject (Description with as much detail as possible.Keywords)






Additional details


Be detailed and specific

Although AI advances in leaps and bounds, Stable Diffusion still cannot read your mind. You need to describe your image in as much detail as possible.

Let’s say you want to generate a picture of a woman in a street scene. A simplistic prompt

a woman on street

gives you an image like this:

Well, you may not want the generate a grandma, but this technically matches your prompt. You cannot blame Stable Diffusion…

So instead, you should write more.

a young lady, brown eyes, highlights in hair, smile, wearing stylish business casual attire, sitting outside, quiet city street, rim lighting

See the drastic difference. So work on your prompt-building skills!

Use powerful keywords

Some keywords are more powerful than others. Examples are

Celebrity names (e.g. Emma Watson)

Artist names (e.g. van Gogh)

Art medium (e.g. illustration, painting, photograph)

Using them carefully can steer the image in the direction you want.

Want to cheat? Like doing homework, you can use ChatGPT to generate prompts!

What are those parameters, and should I change them?

Most online generators allow you to change a limited set of parameters. Below are some important ones:

Image size: The size of the output image. The standard size is 512×512 pixels. Changing it to portrait or landscape size can have big impact on the image. For example, use portrait size to generate a full-body image.

Sampling steps: Use at least 20 steps. Increase if you see blurry image.

CFG scale: Typical value is 7. Increase if you want the image to follow the prompt more.

Seed value: -1 generates a random image. Specify a value if you want the same image.

Advance section goes in more details.

What is image-to-image?

Image-to-image generates an image base on an input image and a prompt.

Image-to-image (or img2img for short) takes (1) an image and (2) a prompt as an input. You can guide the image generation not just with the prompt but also with the image.

In fact, you can see text-to-image as a particular case of image-to-image: It is simply image-to-image with an input image of random noise.

Negative prompts

These are things that you want the Ai to avoid. It will prevent some common artifacts and result in better human portraits. Common ones: low res, text, error, cropped, worst quality, low quality, jpeg artifacts, ugly, duplicate, morbid, mutilated, out of frame, extra fingers, mutated hands, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn face, mutation, deformed, blurry, dehydrated, bad anatomy, bad proportions, extra limbs, cloned face, disfigured, gross proportions, malformed limbs, missing arms, missing legs, extra arms, extra legs, fused fingers, too many fingers, long neck 

In Advance section, we will cover more on Models, Inpainting and other techniques to up your game with Prompting. Coming Late June

Basic Prompt Examples

a close up of a colorful flower on a black background, digital art, inspired by Alex Grey, emerging from blue fire, animation still, c 4 d 

a computer screen with a colorful design on it, inspired by Mike Winkelmann, volumetric lightin, 2 5 6 x 2 5 6 pixels, c 4 d 

“oil painting, yoji shinakawa, studio gainax, y2k design, anime girl floating in cereal, dramatic lighting

"a little cow with hat and icecream realistic

“Create a high resolution artwork of Anime Girl

simple [ANIMAL] shape made by pouring a dot of milk into the center of the espresso and then dragging it out in a thin line 

“anime fine details portrait of school girl in front of modern tokyo city landscape on the background deep bokeh, close-up view, anime masterpiece by Studio Ghibli, 8k, sharp high quality anime, artstation

"Detailed isometric forrest, pixel art, c4d, full focus, isolated background

“portrait of an anime character hyper realistic

"Stormtrooper Break Room" by Syd Mead, cold color palette, muted colors, detailed, 8k

“Vintage anime screenshot from Akira, 90’s anime aesthetic, A stunning maximalist action shot of the protagonist,

"Architectural  photo of a maximalist pink solar green house interior with lots of flowers and plants, golden light, hyperrealistic surrealism, award winning masterpiece with incredible details, epic stunning pink surrounding and round corners, big windows, art space , green house walls and celling

“anime girl made, color full clothes, vivid lighting

“girl wearing a beret, very anime!!! anime!! intricate details, aesthetically pleasing pastel colors, poster background, art by conrad roset and ilya kuvshinov

"a tiny finch on a branch with spring flowers on background:1.0, aesthetically inspired by Evelyn De Morgan, art by Bill Sienkiewicz and Dr. Seuss, ray tracing, volumetric lighting, octane render.

“cute anime girl long hair

“portrait of cute girl, cloudy sky background lush landscape illustration concept art anime key visual trending pixiv fanbox by wlop and greg rutkowski and makoto shinkai and studio ghibli

"fashion show  into fashion style digital printed fabric pattern conceptual fashion aesthetic on beauty of female model stylish professional photography high resolution meta verse fashion 3d fashion trendy

“anime streaming lofi digital art 4k

“anime of girl, beautiful face, anime, octane render, a head shot, face up, in bed, tsundere moe kawaii beautiful

"Designed by Teenage Engineering. Futuristic Nintendo DS gameboy. highly detailed digital art masterpiece,. Detailed render. sleek. Slim. Minimalism. Stunning design. Designed by Dieter Rams.

“urban school girl in shirt fanart, dark blue long hair, muted colors, matte print, pastel colors, ornate, digital art, digital painting, fan art, elegant, artstation, by Ilya Kuvshinov

"A Minion wearing the cloths of Iron Man Avengers

“portrait of an anime character hyper realistic

“Cute and adorable cartoon fluffy baby rhea, fantasy, dreamlike, surrealism, super cute, trending on artstation

“great girl with candy house pastel colors, kawaii, swag

“Skinny Anime boy, glasses, listening to music with headphone in roof of house in rural Japaneses city, wide angle, anime boy, sunset, relaxed

“chaotic hand drawing colored sketch illustration retro of dolores park san francisco, birds eye view, illustrated by hergé and Tardi, style of tin tin comics, pen and ink

“Princess mononoke dressed in the independence Catalan flag

"pikachu in interstellar movie

“Well-fitting man equipped with hoodie and cap hiding upper face in anime manga 

“Photo of fusion of a Soccer PLAYER, style of laurie greasley, studio ghibli, akira toriyama, james gilleard, genshin impact, trending pixiv fanbox, acrylic palette knife, 4k, vibrant colors, devinart, trending on artstation, low details

“A teenage AI prodigy who creates her own robotic body to escape being trapped in a virtual world

“A boy who discovers he is an AI created to infiltrate and take down a criminal organization

“A girl who is the last of her kind, an AI designed for deep space exploration, stranded on Earth

“A boy who has a rare condition that causes him to shut down and reboot like an AI, struggling to understand his humanity

“A girl who is a highly advanced AI created to infiltrate and sabotage a powerful corporation

“A boy who is an AI soldier programmed to fight in a virtual war, questioning the morality of his actions

“A girl who is a AI pop star, questioning her own identity and purpose as she becomes more sentient

“spiderman sitting on a roof looking down at a city below, extremely detailed

“Retro space captain giving commands to the crew in spacecraft.  comic art. Comic book cover art. ink art. Techno sci fi. Stunning tiny details.

“A boy who is an AI created to run a virtual reality theme park, but starts experiencing glitches in his programming”

“Capybara in a suit walks in New York

"Hummingbird flying and about to land on a sunflower with metal skin, digital art, 8k resolution, studio lighting, purple chin, facing to the left, full body, highly detailed

“A young woman, wearing a long summer dress, standing on a floating island among many other floating islands in the distance, in the style of studio ghibli, anime

“A Cute Anime Cyber Ninja Cat Girl in a Retro Future Cyberpunk City at night, Rui Araizumi, Vintage 80’s Anime Style, Chibi, Digital Illustration, Cinematic Lighting, Artstation Trending”

“anime visual of a japanese anime traditional lo – fi sad girl in a train wearing headphones, hipster tones, cinematic gaze, cute face by ilya kuvshinov, makoto shinkai, kyoani, masakazu katsura, dynamic pose, crisp and sharp, yoshinari yoh, rounded eyes, anime poster, cel shaded

“an anthropomorphic bear in a white lab coat suit

“Sci-fi graphic novel meets seinen manga style. A sprawling, futuristic space station with sleek, high-tech architecture and intergalactic threats lurking around every corner; a team of rugged, experienced spacefaring heroes protecting the galaxy; by Alan Moore, Masamune Shirow, Warren Ellis, Tsugumi Ohba, Gene Luen Yang, intensity, danger, experience

“Michael Jackson singing at a standing microphone on a super-wide stage in a really big arena, by conrad roset, greg rutkowski, makoto shinkai, low poly, abstract, style of black and white drawing with red pops of color

“full body, 20-year-old girl anime forest elf, bun hairstyle, black color dress

“Hyperrealistic Haute Couture Fashion Model wearing fuzzy mohair black outfit by Balenciaga. Photoshoot in the style of Kinfolk Magazine in front of brutalist parametric futuristic architecture by Zaha Hadid. Surrealism

"An android man gives a bouquet of flowers to a beautiful human woman, in the cyberpunk style, an android man in love and a human woman, extremely detailed painting, beautiful glowing, centered, symmetry, painted, intricate, volumetric lighting, beautiful, sharp focus, ultra detailed, in the style of dan mumford and marc simonetti, astrophotography 

“anime womam, black hair, photorealistic, highly detailed, wearing a white dress, smiling, white skin

“symmetry!! anime art portrait character, concept art, anime key visual of elegant, black hair and large eyes, finely detailed perfect face delicate features directed gaze, vibrant city night background, extremely high quality artwork

“"floral astronaut" hand-drawn watercolor, muted tones, flowers everywhere, REALISTIC

“Small Children fighting in the school playground in the style of Vintage 1990’s anime

“Chibi jungkook with long hair wearing an oversized hoodie and thigh socks

"peacock watercolor lily's

"illustration of a baby owl in a tree