Dall-E Prompts

Dall-E ART

Adjective + Noun + Verb + Style Details

*Be specific: The more specific your prompt is, the better. Instead of saying “bird,” try describing a “colorful hummingbird sipping nectar from a flower.” This helps DALL-E create a more accurate image but dont make your prompt to complicated or you wont get your desired results.If you add in too many characters and details, DALL·E 2 won't quite know what to focus on, and it will just end up a mess.  

*Use descriptive words: Adjectives and adverbs can help add depth and detail to your prompts. Use words that describe colors, textures, emotions, and more to make your prompt more vivid

*Consider artistic styles: Think about the style of art you want DALL-E to create. Do you want a photorealistic image, or do you prefer something more abstract? Include the style you’re looking for in your prompt

*Add mood or emotion: Adding a specific mood or emotion to your prompt can help DALL-E create an image that evokes a certain feeling. For example, “dark and moody forest” versus “bright and sunny forest” will create two very different images

*Think outside the box: Don’t be afraid to get creative with your prompts. Instead of using generic descriptions, try to come up with unique and unusual    combinations of words. This can help DALL-E generate images that are truly one-of-a-kind

Adjective + Noun + Verb + Style Details

The AI model would generate images that match the prompt. 200-300 words work best:

synthwave galaxy being eaten by Galactus, HDR, cinematic, ultrawide

meaty cyborg wall texture. Lots of tentacles, wires and tumors

3D ender of a floating futuristic castle in a clear sky, digital art

A beautiful house in tropical modernism style inside of a forest and full of trees and plants

Foggy forest at night, watercolor style, mysterious mood

Majestic waterfall, photorealistic style, awe-inspiring mood

italian acient city with virtual reality and artificial inteligence 

Rocky beach at sunrise, impressionist style, peaceful mood

Sunflower field in the summer, oil painting style, happy mood

Desert landscape at sunset, abstract style, contemplative mood

Autumn leaves falling from trees, pointillism style, nostalgic mood

Surrealistic world of abstract forms, chalk painting, differend shades of purple, Dali, Esher 

Underwater coral reef, surreal style, dreamy mood

Thunderstorm over the city, expressionist style, dramatic mood

Rainbow over a meadow, pop art style, joyful mood

Sassy flamingo posing, neon style, confident mood

a woman with wings behind her back, sitting on a piano in the sky, an airbrush painting by Alexander Kuchersky, fantasy art, over-detailed, artistic image 

A delicious fried pastry. Disney style, detailed, white background 

Ferocious shark in the ocean, minimalist style, intense mood

Regal peacock showing off its feathers, photorealistic style, proud mood

Adorable otter holding hands, abstract style, loving mood

Crispy fried chicken, photorealistic style, satisfying mood

camping, illustrator 

Rich cup of coffee, minimalist style, energized mood

hyper realistic photo of a high end futuristic single-level house where walls are made of windows, light coming through       the  window, mid century modern style, cinematic lighting

Synthwave halloween formula 1 car racing on a night road in Singapore

Oil painting of a man working on a super computer

a sunlit indoor lounge area with a pool with clear water and another pool with translucent pastel pink water, next to a   big  window, digital art

Award-winning scenic design for “[THING! The Musical”, inspired by SOMETHING, high-quality photo from theatrical  press release

Two towers with a bridge covered in plants , digital art

synthwave new york stock echange and a sunset

     A photo of Metro Manila as a walkable city with lots of green spaces and a beautiful overground MRT system

Sweet bowl of ice cream with sprinkles, oil painting style, happy mood

Fashionable model on a runway, neon style, confident mood

Wise elderly person in a cozy home, photorealistic style, wise mood

Futuristic, cityscape, reflecting sunset, concept art

Ancient, Egyptian temple, adorned with hieroglyphs, photorealistic

Friendly, robot, serving coffee, 3D render

Surreal, underwater garden, filled with glowing plants, digital painting

Steampunk, airship, soaring above forest, CGI

Haunted, Victorian mansion, shrouded in fog, gothic art

Abstract, geometric pattern, illuminated in neon colors, vector design

Cyberpunk, city street, bustling with neon signs, matte painting

Majestic, mountain range, basking in sunrise, landscape photography

Minimalist, black and white, architectural design, 3D render

Vibrant, tropical beach, dotted with palm trees, watercolor painting

Enchanted, forest, teeming with magical creatures, fantasy art

Solar system, planets, orbiting in alignment, educational illustration

Retro, diner, surrounded by vintage cars, 1950s Americana

Serene, Japanese Zen garden, featuring a koi pond, ink drawing

Realistic, portrait, depicting a historical figure, oil painting

Whimsical, hot air balloon festival, floating above landscape, digital art

Colorful, graffiti, adorning urban street, street photography

Post-apocalyptic, wasteland, strewn with abandoned vehicles, concept art

Art Deco-inspired, interior design, showcasing elegance, 3D visualization

Satirical, political cartoon, highlighting current events, hand-drawn illustration

Dreamy, galaxy, swirling with stars, space art

Modern, geometric, animal design, vector illustration

Snowy, mountain village, nestled near cozy cabin, holiday card

Energetic, sports action scene, capturing motion, dynamic painting

Gothic, cathedral, bathed in moonlight, detailed sketch

Psychedelic, spiral pattern, pulsating with color, digital art

Whimsical, fairytale castle, perched on a hill, watercolor illustration

Rustic, wooden cabin, enveloped by autumn foliage, oil painting

Sleek, futuristic car, zooming down highway, CGI render

Elegant, ballroom dance, frozen in time, digital painting

Vintage, train station, bustling with passengers, sepia-toned photograph

Extravagant, fireworks display, illuminating night sky, long-exposure photography

Detailed, world map, highlighting topography, educational illustration

Serene, butterfly garden, filled with colorful blooms, nature photography

Elaborate, steampunk clockwork, showcasing intricate gears, 3D render

Whimsical, woodland creatures, engaged in tea party, children’s book illustration

Atmospheric, jazz club, alive with music, noir-style painting

Action-packed, superhero battle, set in cityscape, comic book style

Ornate, stained glass window, depicting religious scene, vector design

Tranquil, mountain lake, reflecting surrounding peaks, landscape painting

Mythical, dragon, perched atop treasure hoard, fantasy art

Futuristic, space station, orbiting distant planet, concept art

Majestic, medieval knight, riding into battle, photorealistic painting

Intricate, mandala pattern, incorporating floral elements, digital art

Excited traveler exploring a new city, minimalist style, adventurous mood

Creative artist in a studio, oil painting style, inspired mood

Layers of shapes and lines, sketch style, introspective mood

Gradient of colors fading into each other, pastel style, peaceful mood

Collage of different images and textures, mixed media style, eclectic mood

Doodles and scribbles in a notebook, marker style, whimsical mood

Elaborate fairy tale book cover, mixed media style, enchanting mood

Steampunk airship soaring through the sky, sketch style, adventurous mood

Gothic vampire in a Victorian mansion, realistic style, eerie mood

Futuristic cityscape with neon lights, cyberpunk style, dystopian mood

Extraterrestrial life form in a sci-fi landscape, oil painting style, surreal mood

Advanced technology in a city of the future, minimalist style, inspiring mood

Cosmic explosion in outer space, watercolor style, epic mood

Vintage storefronts on a cobblestone street, pastel style, quaint mood

Public transportation station with commuters, minimalist style, busy mood

Urban park with a fountain, oil painting style, tranquil mood

Industrial factory with smokestacks, mixed media style, ominous mood

Old-fashioned record player with vinyl records, pop art style, groovy mood

Glittering chandelier in a grand ballroom, photorealistic style, elegant mood

Colorful pinwheel spinning in the wind, cartoon style, playful mood

Antique book with gold-leaf pages, watercolor style, intellectual mood

Classic pocket watch on a chain, sketch style, timeless mood

Shiny red apple on a wooden table, pastel style, simple mood

Vintage telephone with a rotary dial, abstract style, nostalgic mood

Classic car with a polished chrome grille, mixed media style, retro mood

Majestic mountain range in the distance, oil painting style, serene mood

Bright yellow taxi on a busy city street, digital art style, chaotic mood

Majestic lion with a flowing mane, photorealistic style, powerful mood

Rustic wooden cabin in the woods, watercolor style, cozy mood

Vibrant street art on a brick wall, graffiti style, edgy mood

Whimsical hot air balloon floating in the clouds, mixed media style, dreamy mood

Traditional Japanese pagoda in a serene garden, ink drawing style, zen mood

Colorful butterfly in flight, impressionist style, whimsical mood

Spooky haunted mansion on a dark hill, dark art style, eerie mood

Elegant ballerina in a tutu, sketch style, graceful mood

Sparkling diamond ring on a velvet pillow, photorealistic style, luxurious mood

Romantic couple embracing in the rain, oil painting style, passionate mood

Modern skyscraper in a futuristic city, digital art style, high-tech mood

Scary jack-o-lantern on a porch, cartoon style, Halloween mood

Majestic bald eagle soaring through the sky, photorealistic style, majestic mood

Rustic windmill on a farm, watercolor style, peaceful mood

Vibrant cityscape at night, mixed media style, electric mood

Playful cartoon character eating a giant sandwich, pop art style, funny mood

Vintage travel poster for an exotic destination, impressionist style, adventurous mood

Regal peacock with colorful plumage, sketch style, proud mood

Modern abstract painting with bold colors, abstract style, creative mood

Mysterious abandoned carnival at night, dark art style, haunting mood

Colorful parrot perched on a branch, photorealistic style, tropical mood

Sleek sports car on an open road, oil painting style, adventurous mood

Beautiful mermaid swimming in the ocean, watercolor style, mystical mood

Intricate mandala design with vibrant colors, digital art style, spiritual mood

Cozy fireplace with crackling flames, mixed media style, warm mood

Whimsical unicorn prancing through a meadow, cartoon style, magical mood

Vintage movie poster for a classic film, photorealistic style, nostalgic mood

Elegant ballroom with a crystal chandelier, oil painting style, sophisticated mood

Cute cartoon animal playing a musical instrument, pop art style, fun mood

Beautiful waterfall in a lush forest, impressionist style, tranquil mood

Sleek motorcycle on an open road, watercolor style, daring mood

Futuristic spaceship soaring through the stars, digital art style, epic mood

Spooky graveyard at night with full moon, dark art style, ominous mood

Colorful rainbow over a peaceful countryside, mixed media style, hopeful mood

Whimsical fairy tale castle in the clouds, sketch style, fantastical mood

Classic still life painting of fruit, oil painting style, simple mood

Vibrant street scene in a bustling city, watercolor style, energetic mood

Cute cartoon character enjoying a bubble bath, pop art style, relaxing mood

Beautiful sailboat on a calm sea, photorealistic style, serene mood

Majestic tiger prowling through the jungle, oil painting style, fierce mood

Rustic barn on a country farm, watercolor style, peaceful mood

Iconic Eiffel Tower at sunset, realistic style, romantic mood

Famous Great Wall of China, watercolor style, historic mood

Enchanting Taj Mahal at sunrise, sketch style, serene mood

Grand Statue of Liberty, pastel style, patriotic mood

Cyberpunk vehicle, with sleek design and glowing lights, vector design

Cyberpunk weapon, with a laser sight and a holographic sight, matte painting

Majestic mountain range, basking in sunrise, landscape photography

Majestic waterfall, crashing down a cliff face, digital art

Majestic forest, with towering trees and lush green leaves, 3D render

Majestic ocean, with waves crashing against the shore, matte painting

Majestic animal, such as a lion or a tiger, vector design

Whimsical unicorn, galloping through a field of flowers, digital art

Whimsical teapot, with a spout that looks like a duck’s bill, 3D render

Whimsical house, with a door that looks like a cat’s face, matte painting

Whimsical creature, with a long tail and floppy ears, vector design

Whimsical object, such as a toy or a piece of jewelry, digital art

Richard Neutra malibu beach house pop art

Realistic, wildlife scene, showcasing a lion pride, nature photography

Vintage, film noir poster, featuring femme fatale, graphic design

Nostalgic, 1980s arcade, filled with neon lights, digital painting

Tranquil, desert landscape, featuring blooming cacti, watercolor illustration

Majestic, eagle, soaring through a mountainous landscape, oil painting

Modern, abstract sculpture, casting dramatic shadows, 3D render

Playful, underwater scene, filled with marine life, children’s book illustration

Mystical, celestial map, charting constellations, antique-style engraving

Dramatic, stormy seascape, with a lighthouse in the distance, acrylic painting

Atmospheric, abandoned factory, overtaken by nature, urban exploration photography

Vibrant, New Orleans street, filled with musicians, digital art

Intense, gladiator duel, set in ancient Rome, historical painting

Tranquil, aerial view, showcasing a winding river, landscape photography

Futuristic, cyborg, pondering its existence, concept art

Dazzling, northern lights, dancing across the night sky, long-exposure photograph

Quaint, European village, decorated for the holidays, watercolor painting

Action-packed, medieval jousting tournament, detailed illustration

Elegant, Art Nouveau-inspired, floral pattern, vector design

Serene, bamboo forest, shrouded in mist, ink drawing

Vibrant, tropical rainforest, teeming with wildlife, nature photography

Surreal, melting clock, inspired by Salvador Dali, digital painting

Charming, English countryside, featuring a thatched cottage, oil painting

Atmospheric, film noir cityscape, shrouded in shadow, digital art

Intricate, Celtic knot pattern, featuring animal motifs, vector design

Lush, botanical garden, filled with exotic plants, landscape painting

Dynamic, martial arts duel, set in a temple, action illustration

Futuristic, Mars colony, showcasing human settlement, concept art

Whimsical, mermaid lagoon, filled with colorful coral, digital painting

Atmospheric, pirate ship, sailing under a full moon, acrylic painting

Serene, water lily pond, inspired by Monet, impressionist art

Dynamic, space battle, featuring futuristic spacecraft, CGI render

Stylized, geometric cityscape, reflecting in water, vector illustration

Eerie, haunted forest, shrouded in fog, gothic art

Realistic, anatomical illustration, showcasing the human heart, medical drawing

Curving wing of modern hospital building in Californian redwood forest, architecture by Frank Gehry, wide-angle architectural photography from magazine

Stunning modern renovation of village church at dawn, huge shards of translucent coloured perspex, architectural photography

Refreshment kiosk in park, neo-Andean architectural style, editorial photograph at golden hour

Steampunk airport terminal architecture, exterior view, award-winning architectural photography from magazine

innovative interior design of a restaurant in rural Japan, neutral wooden materials, floor-to-ceiling windows with views of nature

Award-winning interior design of a modern hotel bar, playful furry furniture, warm lamp lighting

A super-minimal brutalist interior, plunge pool sunk into floor, huge windows with daylight streaming in, a single table, high-  resolution photo from architecture website

Interior design photo of top floor maisonette in a Victorian terraced house, bold colourful furniture, dark blue walls

Artists impression of award-winning rooftop garden design, white marble benches amidst wildflower meadow, NYC skyline in background, photograph at golden hour

Abstract public art of curved steel rods spiralling upwards, glinting in sunlight, in a small plaza in Madrid, gorgeous travel photography

Red fluorescent tubes suspended above a city alleyway, beautiful lighting installation inspired by Lumiere, night time photography, dramatic lighting

exterior shot of utopian architecture building with cinematic lighting by zaha hadid and renzo piano, darek zabrocki and greg ruthkowski, alphonse mucha, simon stalenhag, cinematic, paradise, scifi, futurism, atmospheric, sunset, concept art, artstation, trending on artstation

exterior shot of utopian architecture building with cinematic lighting by zaha hadid and renzo piano, darek zabrocki and greg ruthkowski, alphonse mucha, simon stalenhag, cinematic, beautiful, holy place, paradise, scifi, futurism, atmospheric, sunset, award winning, concept art, artstation, trending on artstation

Lunetic dreams of a palace in the future

Futuristic solarpunk eco villages with organic permaculture food forests, 3 d octane render, realistic lighting, beautiful weather, 8 k

Exterior shot of a utopian architecture building with cinematic lighting by zaha hadid and renzo piano, darek zabrocki and greg ruthkowski, alphonse mucha, and simon stalenhag. “cinematic,” “beautiful,” “holy place,” “paradise,” “sci-fi,” “futurism,” atmospheric,” “sunset,” “award-winning,” “concept art,” “Artstation”

photorealistic, god rays, artstation, deviantart, unreal engine, intricate details; a city in space;

Two towers from the future connected by a skybridge covered in lush plants, all made with digital art

coruscant from space except all of the architecture is bland highly detailed and realistic

A city all made of gold, in classical architectural style, with gardens and fountains

massive egg-shaped temple of the chicken , dramatic cinematic ultradetailed photorealistic

A sketch of a glass skyscraper in a desert with glass algae tanks on every floor, Blender, Unreal Engine, and CGI

a white spherical church floating above a field of roses. doric architecture